Feed The Needy Program

BCBOA Holiday Season Fundraiser

During the Holiday Season, we are grateful for our friends, family and being able to have a meal. In staying with our tradition to help individuals and families that are in need within our community; the BCBOA Executive Board expresses our continual partnership with our fellow basketball official Israel Hepburn, who is also the Pastor at Star of Bethlehem Church.

​The association has partnered with Israel and the church for many years to provide meals during holiday season through “Feed the Needy Program”.

​Annually, we have been able to increase our support and help more individuals and families during the holiday season. Last year, the program provided approximately 500 hot meals. This year, we want to be able to provide more meals and continual our tremendous contribution to our community. We are asking our members again help in this endeavor by making a financial contribution.

Members can make a financial contribution electronically through the BCBOA using the donate link. All donor and amount will be provided to the Israel Hepburn and Star of Bethlehem Church.

If you are not able to contribute electronically, you can send a check or money order to Star of Bethlehem Church – Attention: Feed the Needy Program to 5401 SW 24th St. West Park, FL 33023.

Your contribution can be used on your tax return. If you need tax information, you can contact Israel Hepburn @ (954) 549-4358.

Every member that took part in providing a contribution last year, you should be very proud of what we were able to accomplished, so I ask that we continue the success. For, our new members we ask you to join us in this important endeavor to support our community by contributing.

On behalf of Israel Hepburn, fellow official and Pastor of Star of Bethlehem Church, President Curtis Evans and the entire BCBOA Executive Board, extend in advance a heartfelt thank you.

Troy Bailey, Secretary