From the Booking Commissioner

Height: 6‘8"

Average points

per game:

Welcome to the 2017-2018 basketball season.
It’s almost time to put the training you received over the last few weeks to use.
Thanks to all the trainers who volunteered their time to help you improve your game.
This email will cover quite a number of topics so be sure and read it carefully.
Contact Information:
Bob McKinney – BCAA Basketball Booking Commissioner
Email: or
Cell: 954-325-6799
I prefer email or text.  I can usually reply to a text message faster than return a phone call.
Melissa Thomas – Assistant BCAA Basketball Booking Commissioner
Cell: 954-328-4544
Your Arbiter account must be active and a check-mark must appear in the “Ready to be Assigned” box. You must put your picture in your profile. This is the only way I have to identify you.
Arbiter uses the zip code in your profile to determine your travel distance. If you want to limit your travel put a zip code in the north or south end of the county. If you do this it may negatively impact your availability for games.
You must notify Bob McKinney at immediately if there are schools that you are not able to officiate based on the following FHSAA guidelines:
This applies to both middle and high schools.
No FHSAA official may officiate a contest involving a school in all the following stipulations within the last four (4) years:
a. His/her child or immediate relative attends or attended
b. The official himself/herself and/or a relative works or worked
c. The official attended, graduated or coached

No FHSAA official may officiate a varsity district contest in which the official currently serves as a coach at a school in that particular district.

Your availability must be up to date on your blocks calendar. If you are not familiar with Arbiter please review the tutorials located on the main Arbiter page after you sign in. 

Pending Games:
When games are assigned to you prior to the publish date the day and time will appear on your Arbiter Blocks Calendar as light blue. You will not see the teams or your partners. You may give this pending game back by emailing Bob McKinney at without penalty prior to the publish date.
Published Games:
Once the games are published you will be able to see the teams and your partners. The light blue block on your Arbiter Blocks Calendar will now turn dark blue. You are now assigned to this game. The game will also show up on your schedule listing. If you decide to give the game back it will count as an official give back. Please review the BCBOA giveback policy:
I will notify you of the assignment periods and publish dates on a separate email shortly.
Once a game is published you must contact Melissa Thomas to give the game back. There are no exceptions.
If you are within 24 hours or less of the game start time you must call and speak directly to Melissa. Leaving a voice mail, sending a text message or an email is not acceptable within 24 hours of game time.
Communication and Arrival
You are expected to check your email constantly. Failure to check your email may cause you to lose games and be subject to penalties.
Please refer to the BCBOA Guidelines for information about arrival times at games and your responsibilities at the game site:
Game Fees
Posted on the BCBOA website at:
Direct deposit form is available on the BCBOA website at:
Uniforms and Jackets
You must be in proper uniform at all times. This includes a BCBOA jacket. The uniform requirements are on the website at:
Invitational Tournaments
There will be quite a few invitational tournaments during the season. The pay rate for these tournaments are negotiated and may or may not pay the full rate. You will have the opportunity to decline to participate without penalty in a tournament that pays less than the full rate
I will attempt to schedule the mentors and their mentees together on several games.
Middle School
There will be a separate email concerning Middle School games sent out next week after I meet with the BCAA. Some Middle School games start as early as October 16th. Please update your availability on Arbiter now!
Please email me any questions that you may have.
I am looking forward to working with everyone this season.
Bob McKinney