Our Uniforms

UNIFORM - The mandatory required uniform for all BCBOA officiated contests are:

1. Shirt – FHSAA white and black shirt with embroidered “FHSAA” on the right sleeve and FHSAA insignia on the      left sleeve, and American Flag 3”x2” on back at the neck line.
2. Pants – Black pleated slacks without belt loops.
3. Shoes – Shined solid black (flat or patent leather) tennis shoes with black shoelaces if applicable.
4. Socks – Black (area exposed outside of the tennis shoe).
5. Jacket – BCBOA logo black jacket.
6. Whistle – Black Fox 40, except for authorized FHSAA and BCBOA optional memorial or special events.
7. Uniform shall be clean and well kept

Uniforms available at;

          Purchase Officials (local store)

          Gerry Davis Sports

          1 Stop Sports

          Hudson 51