Broward County Basketball Officials Association

2020-2021 Registration & General Information

Broward County Basketball Officials Association (BCBOA), 2020-21 membership registration will commence on July 6, 2020 or shortly afterward.. Registrations and payment will be conducted electronically @ Prior to registering, members should review BCBOA governances. Members will be required to acknowledge and accept governance in the application process. The Association governance can be found on the Association’s website @

Although the Association is opening its registration; there has been no final determination if there will be any sporting athletics this season. As we all aware, COVID-19 pandemic has created a situation where it is not known what will be our new normal.

Due to COVID-19, the Broward County Basketball Officials Association (BCBOA) Executive Board is working to modify its general meeting and training to meet recommendation of the CDC, Broward County and FHSAA. All precautionary measures will be clearly made available to all members as well as expected to be adhered.



All members will be required to complete an application with BCBOA and Broward County Athletics and Students Activities formerly BCAA. An Official application is required for each sport an official officiate for Athletics and Students Activities.

All new officials will be required to complete a W9 and ACH Form (bank information). Officials with a vendor number will not be required to complete a W9 or ACH Form, if there’s no changes from previous year.


Security Clearance:

All officials must obtain a security clearance through the Broward School District security vendor, Field Print. Security clearance information (process and codes) can be found on the Associations website “See fingerprint” It is recommended that officials check their security badge expiration now, if clearance is expired or expiring this season it is STRONGLY recommended that officials obtain a valid clearance and security badge sooner than later. The security process can take 5-7 days or several weeks. Timeline is not edged in stone, and dependent upon the number of applicants which Field Print is processing. Officials obtaining a renewal or first time security badge must submit copy of badge in timely manner to Association Secretary/Registrar (ASR). It is strictly the responsibility of each official to comply with security requirement and Association’s guidelines. No official will be considered or allowed to officiate any game assignments under the umbrella of Broward School District and Broward County Basketball Officials Association.



he BCBOA registration will commence on July 1, 2020 or shortly afterward and shall closed on 09/30/2020. Exception, will be transferred officials. (See BCBOA Guidelines regarding). Registration will be conducted electronically at Registration Fee is $60.00, which is no refundable unless the season will not materialize.


General Meeting:

The BCBOA Executive Board is reviewing several options for the 2020-21 General Meeting. Virtual meetings or additional in person meeting dates with limited capacity per meeting. Meeting information will be forthcoming.


Training Curriculum and Requirement:

Training curriculum, requirement and dates will be posted once finalized. Again, with COVID-19 recommendations, the Executive Board is developing plans for various different method of training type sessions. Sessions dates, locations, or method shall be posted in Associations website and calendar as well as broadcast via Arbiter Sports.

Members should review training requirement that will be posted on website. Training requirement will be based on 2019 – 2020 ranking.

Additional training will be required for Crew Chiefs select for state series crew. Training will be conducted in January or February 2021, prior to regional tournament. Crew Chief will be notified in advance of training date.


Mentoring Program:

The Association developed a mentoring program to help assist new officials transition into the association, and officiating environment. The mentoring program provides one-on-one training, and guidance with a veteran official. Mentee can contact their mentor and discuss any play situation, training, etc. In addition, the association has a Training Coordinator and committee that is readily available with resources to enable an official to improve their officiating skills.


Arbiter Sport Account:

fter successfully completing application and security process the Arbiter account will be updated to reflect status. Arbiter training will be provided to new members during training sessions but can review the tutorial on the Arbiter app in advance of training. Officials shall be responsible for ensuring their Arbiter block calendar remain current on availability status. If, you have any problems or questions, please contact the Association Secretary/Registrar Troy Bailey, @, or (954) 593-6106. Any technical issues contact Associate Secretary Eduardo Kianes @ or (954) 804-8089.


On behalf of the entire Executive Board, welcome to 2020-2021 Basketball Season.


Curtis Evans,