2019-20 Training Sessions Schedule

Training is mandatory and officials must complete all required training sessions associate with their BCBOA ranking last year. In addition, training is a requirement of FHSAA in order to receive proficiency points toward state ranking. 

Additional mandatory sessions maybe added if Training, Evaluators and/or Executive Board feels that an official(s) have not demonstrated the skill level of expectancy.

Rookies (New Officials) must attend both type of sessions (clinic and court training).

It should be noted; there will be a mandatory training/meeting for all state series Crew Chiefs.

*Any officials attending a State Field Clinic, BCBOA sanctioned camp or College camp in 2019, can exempt only 1 training session or three (3) man mechanic session.  Individual must provide written document to show attendance from clinic, camp or supervisor.

*Official(s) are not limited to the amount of sessions, but must attend the required sessions. Officials are encouraged to attendance as many sessions as need to gain or improve skill level.

Training Requirements:

Rank 300/350 series and Rookies (New) Officials:

Clinic Sessions _All clinic sessions

On-Court Training – All 2 man on-court training.


Rank 200/250 series Officials:

Clinic Sessions (Play callings, 3 man mechanics, Game situation and game management).

On-Court Training – All three (3) man training


Rank 100/150 series Officials:

Clinic Sessions – Crew Chief (Subject to state series crew selection)

On-court Training – (1) three (3) man training session (Can be exempted is attended BCBOA Sanctioned camp, Collegiate Camp in 2019.


If you are unsure of your ranking and/or requirement; its imperative that you seek that information to first training session. 


If an official failing to meet its mandatory training requirement shall be subject to penalty and/or ineligibility.

Clinic Session (Film sessions covering topics listed)

2-Man On-Court Training

3-Man On-Court Training

3-Man Evaluations

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